Operations Coordinator Eleni Bouri moves to the North East

The Geos Group’s Operations Coordinator Eleni Bouri – painter, piano player and overall maritime enthusiast – has recently relocated from the Henley office to our fuel terminal at the Port of Blyth.

Eleni was born in Athens, where she grew up and went to school. With Greece being a major maritime nation, her father works as a Chief Engineer on sea tankers, and several other family members and friends work on board ships too. So naturally, in her younger years, Eleni’s eyes turned seawards and she began to dream of a career in shipping.

After graduating from Panteion University in Athens in 2016, with a BA degree in Economic and Regional Development, Eleni moved over to the UK to study for her post-graduate MSc degree in Maritime Operations Management at Liverpool John Moores University. This set her up perfectly for her first full-time job in the shipping industry at the Geos Group, and she joined in May 2018.

Eleni’s first role in the company was to provide administrative support to the commercial and trading team, before getting involved in the complex but essential business of hedging to manage financial risks. Having progressed to the role of Operations Coordinator, Eleni is now responsible for all the administration involved in managing the Geos Group’s two 4,250dwt NaabsaMAX sea tankers, the Thun Blyth and Thun Britain.

As her new role involves working closely with the shipping and operations team, particularly Vessel Operator Victoria Parkin who is based in Blyth, Eleni took the opportunity to relocate. She moved northeast from Reading to the bright lights of Newcastle, where she now enjoys big city life while commuting to the Port of Blyth for work.

In her spare time, when she isn’t organising voyages from Blyth to Aberdeen or Immingham to Lerwick, Eleni taps into her creative side as an artist and piano player, and she loves to travel whenever she can. Some of her favourite trips have been to Iceland, Scandinavia, New York, France and Spain.

She also volunteers at the Maritime Volunteer Service – a registered charity and national maritime training body with more than 25 units around the UK. The organisation serves local communities, particularly in emergencies or times of need, patrolling the country’s rivers and coastlines, and it participates in maritime resilience exercises both afloat and ashore. When she was based in Henley, Eleni volunteered at the Maritime Volunteer Service base in Kingston, and she now plans to join the crew in Newcastle.

Eleni has become an experienced and well-respected member of the Geos Group team, and a welcome addition to Blyth. “During my time here, we have had two new vessels and there are always new things happening, it is very exciting,” she said. “I enjoy working at the Geos Group, the company is friendly and supportive, and I was lucky that this was my first job.”