An energy and logistics service provider, specialising in fuel storage, transportation and supply

Our Services

The Geos Group is an energy and logistics service provider. We have our own fuel storage tanks, a fleet of ships and road tankers, and a network of strategic partners around the UK. We offer a wide range of services, including fuel storage, transportation, supply to the marine sector and inland businesses, ship chartering, and delivery to niche and remote ports. We pride ourselves on being helpful, reliable, flexible, competitive, and always responsive to our clients’ individual requirements.

Fuel Storage

We have a fuel terminal at Blyth, and storage facilities at Aberdeen, Peterhead, Lerwick, Scalloway, Lowestoft, Heysham and Teesside. We source our fuel from trusted oil refineries and its quality is guaranteed.

Marine Fuel Supply

Our trucks provide fuel to vessels in port all around the UK. We also deliver ex-pipe, ex-rack, and at sea by ship-to-ship transfer. Our marine fuel supply service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.

Inland Fuel Supply

Mini-TANKERS provides a refuelling service to businesses operating mobile machinery and generators. We have a fleet of trucks that deliver small and large volumes onsite across the northeast.

Ship Chartering

Our 4,250–dwt sea tankers, Thun Blyth and Thun Britain, are available for short charters, to carry cargoes on behalf of third parties. Their NaabsaMAX technology enables them to call at smaller and tide-restricted ports.

Ship-to-Ship Transfer

Ship-to-ship delivery can be a useful refuelling option when a vessel cannot get to port because the vessel is too far from land, there is no berth available, or there are tight time constraints.

Pricing Options

We offer formula and contract pricing options, and flexible payment terms and credit facilities are available. Hedging and fixed price arrangements can be accommodated. Spot enquiries are welcomed.