New Fuel Tank at Torry Marine Base in Aberdeen

The Geos Group has taken delivery of a second marine gasoil (MGO) tank at the Peterson logistics supply facility at Torry Marine Base, on the River Dee that runs along the south side of Aberdeen harbour.

This enormous new tank was custom-built by specialists SJR Tank Construction in Rotterdam. Standing at 18 metres high, it can hold 4,000 cubic metres of fuel – increasing our total MGO storage capacity in Aberdeen to 11,000 cubic meters.

We have been a physical MGO supplier at Peterson’s sea-base at Pocra Quay, on the north side of the harbour, since 2007. However, the south side is currently being expanded as part of a £350 million redevelopment project – with quayside services and facilities increasing all the time – so there is increasingly strong demand for marine gas oil in this location.

The increased storage capacity will enable us to offer ship owners and operators more flexibility and greater responsiveness, and enhance the services that we already offer. Having access to bunkers at Torry Marine Base will help owners and operators to streamline their vessel turnaround times and improve efficiency.

The transportation and installation of the tank was a logistical challenge, but it all went according to plan. Firstly, it was lifted on to a crane vessel, the Amasus, and shipped from Rotterdam to Aberdeen. On arrival, it was lifted off the ship and gently lowered on to two flatbed trailers, which were then slowly pulled along by two very strong trucks. Finally, the tank was lifted again and placed into its new position. It will now be commissioned and tested.