HVO Renewable Energy Fuel Tanks Commissioned in Blyth

The Geos Group has recently installed new storage tanks in Blyth for HVO – a sustainably-sourced fuel that is fully compatible with diesel engines and diesel distribution infrastructure.

HVO, or hydro-treated vegetable oil, is a bi-product of the food industry that would otherwise have gone to waste. A renewable source of energy, it is significantly better for the environment than conventional diesel, resulting in a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of up to 90%.

A growing number of businesses are now switching to HVO, in order to support efforts to halt global warming and minimise climate change. HVO performs just as well as diesel, the two types of fuel can be commingled in tank, and there is no need to modify engines.

Managing Director Barry Newton said: “We are proud to have built and commissioned the new HVO tanks at our fuel terminal in Blyth. This is a premium quality, non-fossil fuel that can easily replace diesel and is much kinder to the environment. We are now supplying a number of businesses and public sector departments who wish to reduce their fossil fuel usage, and who are committed to switching to sustainable energy sources in the long term.”

To enquire about the availability and price of HVO, please email [email protected] or call (01642) 467401.