Geos Group Orders Second NaabsaMAX Product Tanker

We have ordered a second custom-built 4,250-DWT product tanker from Thun Tankers BV, for delivery in 2022. The new vessel will operate alongside her sister ship, which is currently in production and due for delivery this October.

Both vessels are being built by Scheepswerf Ferus Smit BV in the Netherlands, and have a NAABSA design – which means ‘not always afloat but safely aground’. This design feature will enable us to call at niche ports with tidal restrictions.

Thun Tankers has many years of experience in building resource efficient, high quality vessels. The design process has focused on maximising the two new NaabsaMAX vessels’ cargo intake, and increasing their in-port performance. Resource efficiency, compliance with new regulations, and environmental concerns have also been key considerations in the development of the new vessels.

Geos Group Managing Director Barry Newton said: “We are confident that our long-term partnership with Thun Tankers BV will provide us with a fleet of versatile tankers, so that we can carry on providing our clients with the service they require. To have two vessels at our disposal will mean that we are able to grow our position in the marine fuel supply market. We will be able to continue to provide versatile and flexible shipping solutions – offering a swift response, access to niche ports, ship-to-ship deliveries and supply opportunities further afield.”