The Thun Blyth is Featured in ‘Ships of the Year 2020’

Our new vessel the Thun Blyth has been featured in Ships of the Year 2020 – a special edition of The Swedish Shipping Gazette. The publication celebrates success and innovation in Sweden’s shipping industry and showcases a range of interesting new vessels – from an LNG-powered cruise ship for Carnival Cruises to a new E-flexer class of Roro ferry for Stena Line.

Christopher Kullenberg Rothvall, the magazine’s Reporter and Editor, said: “When it comes to impressive technical innovations, Thun Tankers’ unique Thun Blyth takes the win”. Here is a round-up of some of the special design features that make the Thun Blyth such an exceptional vessel, and one that promises to open up some exciting new commercial opportunities for the Geos Group in the months and years ahead.

Naabsa Class

Not always afloat but safely aground – this class of vessel can lie flat on the seabed after the tide has gone out.

Shorter by Design

At just 80 metres long, the Thun Blyth is the smallest of Thun Tankers’ new builds. This makes her relatively nimble, stable, and easier to manoeuvre in and around port.

Extra Strong Hull

The hull of the Thun Blyth has been built with more frames per metre and extra thick steel, so it is sturdy enough to withstand the stress of sitting on the seabed even when fully loaded.

Dual Cooling Systems

The crew can switch from traditional seawater cooling to using a radiator system to cool the engine when the vessel is aground – this is a key feature of a Naabsa vessel.

Greater Efficiency

The Thun Blyth has a relatively low fuel consumption, and she can carry 4,800 cubic metres of fuel distributed over eight tanks – a larger cargo intake than most other vessels of this size. Both these features make her remarkably energy efficient and cost effective.

You can read Ships of the Year 2020 in full here.