From Blue Book to MacBook: 26 Years of Bunkering

7th November 2017

Our business began in 1991, and in the twenty six years that we have been trading marine gas oil, nothing and everything has changed.

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Managing Director Completes 50km Run For Charity

29th September 2017

In September, MD Barry Newton completed a 50km run to raise money for Cancer Research UK, in memory of his close friend and long-time business associate Julie Henderson.

How to Find Certainty in a Climate of Uncertainty

7th August 2017

Nobody can predict which way the marine fuel price is going to go, but our price risk management service can help ship owners and operators with planning and budgeting.

Two Opposing Views of the Future of Oil Prices

17th July 2017

There are two main opposing views on the future of the oil market (glass-half-full or glass-half-empty predictions, depending on your point of view). Will prices go up or down?