Tackling Climate Change in a Climate of Uncertainty

3rd August 2016

Supplying marine fuel continues to be interesting work, as the shipping industry faces uncertainty on many political and economic fronts, and future environmental policy is unclear.

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Goodbye and Good Luck to Naomi Vallance

29th July 2016

Last week we said a fond farewell to the one and only Naomi Vallance, as she left the Geos Group after 9 years of employment. Naomi was the Personal Assistant to MD Barry Newton.

Why Should Ship Owners Care About Fracking?

7th July 2016

The price of marine fuel is closely linked to the price of oil. The price of oil is directly affected by many factors – including what is happening in global energy markets.

Crude is to MGO What Beef is to Bourguignon

6th July 2016

The price of a barrel of Brent Crude Oil is always in the news, it is easy to track and it drives the direction of the marine gasoil market. However the correlation between the two is a loose one.