The World's Longest Subsea Cable to Make Landfall at Blyth

17th April 2017

The UK is soon to have access to Norway’s abundant hydro-power energy reserves, via a subsea power cable connecting Kvilldal in Norway and Blyth in the UK.

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A Billion Barrels of Oil Found in North Sea

12th April 2017

Last month, UK oil exploration firm Hurricane Energy announced that it has made what it calls the “largest undeveloped discovery” of oil reserves in UK waters.

How to Avoid Waxy Build-Up in Fuel in Winter Operations

6th December 2016

During the cold winter months, there is a strong risk that the wax particles in distillate fuels may crystallise and solidify, collecting on fuel tanks and clogging filters.

Talk of OPEC Deal Causes Oil Price to Rise

30th November 2016

It is reported that OPEC is very close to securing a deal on reducing global oil production, at its meeting today in Vienna. The price of oil rose sharply over $50 a barrel in response.