Thun Grace Equipped for Ship-to-Ship Transfer

10th July 2017

Our chemical tanker, the Thun Grace, is now equipped to supply bunkers by ship-to-ship transfer. So if there is no ex-pipe supply available, we can berth alongside a vessel to deliver its fuel.

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Another Nine Months of Oil Production Cuts

5th July 2017

At the end of June, the last 6 months of oil production cuts came to an end. However at the recent OPEC meeting, the cuts were extended for a further 9 months. Barry Newton explains.

What is a Bunker?

20th June 2017

If you ask anyone outside the shipping industry what a bunker is, they would probably say an underground wartime shelter, or a sandy area on a golf course. To us, the word bunker refers to the fuel used to power a ship.

Delivery of Our New Vessel, the Thun Grace

5th May 2017

We are pleased to announce that we have taken delivery of a new, much larger chemical tanker, the Thun Grace, on long-term time charter from Thun Tankers.