Fueling a Yacht With a Mission

4th July 2012

Our specialist yacht division, Maren, has been supplying fuel for the travels of 'The Next Wave', a sailing yacht doing Christian volunteer outreach work throughout Europe. Maren has bunkered the vessel in Sardinia, the Channel Islands, Malta, Plymouth, Istanbul, Liverpool, Sicily, Kaito and other ports.

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LNG to Compete With MGO

2nd July 2012

As pressure builds on shippers to reduce levels of sulphur and carbon emissions associated with HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil), it is expected that MGO (Marine Gas Oil) will be in short supply. The search for an environmentally-friendly and economical alternative is under way, with LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) a strong contender.

North Sea Oil Industry Boost

20th June 2012

Britain and Norway agreed a new energy partnership in Oslo last week, signed by Prime Ministers David Cameron and Jens Stoltenberg. The “Energy Partnership for Sustainable Growth” agreement opened the door for Norwegian company Statoil to announce an £18 billion investment in two North Sea oil fields.

The Importance of Flashpoint

15th June 2012

One of the issues affecting the UK shipping industry at the moment is the supply shortage of marine gas oil (MGO). But is there a viable alternative? Inland gas oil is more readily available than marine gas oil, and often cheaper, but it is generally NOT permitted for use at sea.