Countdown to Sulphur Restrictions

18th December 2012

In just two years, new restrictions on the sulphur content of marine fuel will take effect. The IMO has set up new ‘Sulphur Emission Control Areas’ (SECAs), including some of Europe's busiest waters, where the level of sulphur in fuel will need to be lower than it is further out at sea. From 01/01/15, the sulphur level of fuel consumed by ships in SECAs will be reduced by 90% from 1% to 0.1%.

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MGO Supply at Thames NuStar Terminal

5th December 2012

The Geos Group Ltd is both a physical supplier and a bunker trader of marine gas oil. We now have an ex-rack facility on the Thames, at the NuStar Terminal in Grays. Our storage tank is segregated at the terminal, so there is no risk of co-mingling. There are also dedicated lines from the tank to the rack facility, to prevent contamination. Product is sourced direct from trusted refineries.

More MGO Stock in Aberdeen

11th October 2012

Demand for marine gas oil within the offshore industry has been steadily increasing. With the opening of an additional storage tank in the port of Aberdeen, at the Peterson SBS terminal in Pocra Quay, the Geos Group can now maintain higher levels of inventory loading. This means that the Geos Group can now offer an improved service to its customers.

Fuel Price Fluctuations

8th October 2012

The global price of crude oil fluctuates constantly, and this has a direct impact on the price of marine gas oil. At the moment global events are making the market even more volatile than usual, so it is more important than ever to have a fuel supplier you can trust to give you the best price possible. Read on to find out how the price of your fuel is directly affected by the oil market.