Demand for Low Sulphur MGO to Increase

5th April 2013

The level of sulphur allowed in shipping fuel is set to drop from 1% to 0.1% in EU Sulphur Emission Control Areas (SECA) in 2015 – a move intended to reduce the amount of pollution generated by the shipping industry. In order to comply, shipping operators will need to switch to a low sulphur fuel, such as the 1000ppm marine gas oil that we supply. Click to read more ...

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Marine Gas Oil for South East

21st March 2013

If you need marine gas oil for your vessels coming into port around the south east of England, we have stock in our storage facility at Grays, Essex. Our product is transported by our own dedicated vessel and never commingled, so you can be assured that your fuel is Marpol compliant 1,000ppm MGO. Available now EX-RACK or for delivery BY ROAD, at competitive daily prices - call now for a price.

What is a BDR (or BDN)?

8th March 2013

In the marine gas oil business, an accurate BDR (Bunker Delivery Receipt, or Note) is essential. So what is a BDR? It is a document that we supply to your vessel when we bunker its fuel, as proof of delivery. The BDR must be accompanied by a sample of the fuel that has been tested, and the ship’s copy must be kept onboard for a minimum of 3 years. See full article for more information.

Marine Gas Oil - Physical Locations

1st February 2013

Do you need fuel? The Geos Group is both a bunker trader and a physical supplier of fuel to the shipping industry, so we can help you. We have stock of 1,000 ppm marine gas oil in 5 different locations: Lerwick, Peterhead, Aberdeen, Heysham and Thames. We also have purchasing agreements with most UK and European fuel suppliers. Call our trading division, Sea Bunkering Ltd, for a quote.