Fuel Price Fluctuations

8th October 2012

The global price of crude oil fluctuates constantly, and this has a direct impact on the price of marine gas oil. At the moment global events are making the market even more volatile than usual, so it is more important than ever to have a fuel supplier you can trust to give you the best price possible. Read on to find out how the price of your fuel is directly affected by the oil market.

More News

Tax Break for Oil and Gas Companies

11th September 2012

Chancellor George Osborne increased petroleum revenue tax in last year’s budget, to fund a cut in road fuel duty. Last week, however, he announced that this would be reduced for older oil and gas fields, as an incentive for energy companies to make the most of existing resources. The Brown Field Allowance should stimulate investment in North Sea exploration and production, and generate jobs.

Driving Rules

3rd September 2012

One of the logistical challenges we face in the daily running of our bunkering business is ensuring that our road tanker drivers are operating within legal limitations, whilst offering the fastest and most flexible service possible. Click here to read a brief summary of drivers' working hours limitations, as set out by the European Union.

Download Free Fuel Conversion Table

2nd August 2012

Marine gas oil (MGO) is often quoted in different unit measurements, which can make it difficult to compare like-for-like quotes. We have produced a free fuel conversion table to help you convert from one unit of measurement to another, including metric tonnes (MT), cubic metres (CBM) and litres (L).