Thun Grace Equipped for Ship-to-Ship Transfer

10th July 2017

The Geos Group’s chemical tanker, the Thun Grace, is now equipped to supply fuel by ship-to-ship transfer. This means that if a vessel needs fuel and there is no ex-pipe supply available, we can berth alongside and fuel the vessel during operations, avoiding lengthy delays.

Ship-to-ship transfer of fuel can be a good solution for ship owners and operators when all other bunkering options are too expensive, or will incur disruption to a ship’s schedule. In some cases, due to restricted access to port facilities, local fuelling options are not available, making ship-to-ship transfer the preferred option.

In this type of operation, the supplying vessel needs to have the appropriate equipment, procedures and approvals to carry out the transfer. In addition, the crew must be fully trained in all aspects of the delivery, including safety procedures and spill response.

We can offer ship-to-ship transfer of marine gas oil to vessels in UK east coast ports, on a case-by-case basis and subject to a minimum order quantity. For enquiries, please or call +44 1491 845474.