Thun Grace Delivers Ship-to-Ship Transfer of Marine Fuel

31st January 2018

In January our vessel the Thun Grace successfully delivered a ship-to-ship transfer of marine fuel.

The Naess Intrepid, a 200m x 33m bulk cargo carrier, was anchored just outside the port of Immingham in the Humber Estuary. The Thun Grace safely came alongside – a manoeuvre that required reasonably good weather, technical skill and some careful handling by the ships’ Captains and their teams.

We have equipped the Thun Grace with special Yokohama pneumatic fenders for jobs such as these. Enormous black rubber cushions covered in tyres held together with chains, the fenders are positioned in between the two ships to absorb energy and protect the hulls from damage.

Ship-to-ship transfer can be a useful option when a vessel needs fuel and cannot get into a port; this may be because there is not a suitable berth available, there are tight time constraints, or the vessel simply does not have enough fuel to make the journey inland.

With her special fenders, the Thun Grace can fuel ships at any anchorage around the UK coastline. For ships sailing through Scapa Flow near the Orkney Islands, for example, this would be an ideal refuelling method, as road delivery is not possible and the nearest ex-pipe facility is many miles away.