24th January 2018

Some bitterly cold weather has got a grip on the UK, and the road transport sector is facing its perennial problem of demand outstripping supply.

Every winter we face the same challenge – there are fewer trucks and drivers available nationwide to transport marine fuel, and this puts pressure on us and our customers to book transport earlier than in the summer months.

The reason for this is very simple: when it is cold, there is a surge in demand for the Kerosene heating oil that is used to fuel all the homes and businesses that do not have a mains gas supply.

The trucks that transport Kerosene to inland destinations also transport marine gas oil to ports; this means that over the winter months there are fewer trucks available to service all the ships that need fuel.

Unfortunately, road haulage companies have a finite number of vehicles and qualified drivers — the drivers are restricted by legal limits on working hours, and the trucks still have to be serviced, no matter how busy they are — and there are simply not enough trucks available in winter to satisfy the increased demand.

We have excellent partnerships with road transport suppliers, such as Par Petroleum, and we work hard to get fuel to our customers on time. However the cold weather always puts road haulage operations under strain, so we strongly recommend that you book your transport early to secure your preferred delivery time and the best prices.