Road Tanker Deliveries of Marine Gas Oil at Blyth

8th January 2018

We have taken over road tanker delivery operations of marine gas oil at the Port of Blyth, from international energy company Phillips 66. The move comes as Phillips 66 steps back from end-user sales in the UK locations where it stores physical stock of marine gas oil, including Blyth.

We own and operate the 15 million-litre marine gas oil facility in Blyth and manage ex-pipe operations there. We also provide road transport delivery services from other UK ports, including Aberdeen and Great Yarmouth. Our resources and expertise have therefore ensured that the handover of road tanker deliveries at Blyth from Phillips 66 has been very straightforward.

“This new development at Blyth is a good step forward for our business”, said Adrian Proctor, our Commercial Director, “and is in step with our overall strategy of being in control of our supply chain from refinery to vessel. Managing our own fuel storage tanks, ex-pipe operations, sea tanker movements and road transport logistics puts us firmly in control of our inventory and the level of service we offer – and ultimately gives us a competitive advantage over other marine gas oil suppliers.”