Happy Birthday Sea Bunkering

18th October 2011

In 2011 Sea Bunkering Ltd celebrated its first two decades of trading.

The company’s story began in 1991, when founder David Gregory left his then employer to start up a new business venture in Hull. As a fledgling business, the company focused its sales efforts exclusively on the UK distillate market, and quickly built up a base of loyal customers.
In 1994, Barry Newton joined Sea Bunkering as a Trader. Its team of four continued to grow the business together until 1998, when Barry went to London to join fuel broker Lindsay Blee. In 2005, David decided to move on and sold the business to Barry. As a result, Barry set up the Geos Group – a  holding company incorporating a number of trading divisions: Sea Bunkering, Lindsay Blee and Maren.
Since Barry took over at Sea Bunkering and incorporated it into the Geos Group, the company has gone from strength to strength. The business now has a physical stock holding and provides transportation, giving customers greater flexibility, speed and quality of service. Looking ahead, the future looks rosy for Sea Bunkering and the Geos Group as a whole, for many more decades to come.