Bunkering the World's Biggest Cargo Ship

8th December 2017

This week we had a fantastic opportunity to fuel the biggest cargo ship in the world, the OOCL Hong Kong, when it berthed at the Port of Felixstowe.

This enormous vessel took on board 180 tonnes of fuel. This was a challenging operation and a lengthy 160-foot hose was needed. Not lightly backing down from a challenge, our delivery team found a way to safely carry out this operation to ensure the customer received as ordered in a timely fashion.

The OOCL Hong Kong is a superb example of the new generation of mega-ships; she made her maiden voyage to Europe in June this year, creating much excitement in the press and amongst ship-spotters on social media.

The OOCL Hong Kong was built at Samsung Heavy Industries shipyard in South Korea and delivered to OOCL in May 2017. She is an impressive 399.87m long and 58.8m wide, and can carry 21,413 twenty-foot containers at full capacity. She serves the Asia-Europe trade lane and takes around 77 days to make the round trip from China to Europe and back again.