Where we supply

We supply vessels everywhere

In the UK we supply fuel from our own stock locations, other supply partners or direct from trusted oil refineries. We also have a large international network of suppliers so we can bunker ships
anywhere in the world.

8 UK storage locations

We have physical stock of marine gas oil in 8 storage locations around the UK: Lerwick, Aberdeen, Blyth, Great Yarmouth, Peterhead, Montrose, Heysham and Scalloway. This means we are fast, competitive and in control of our supply chain.

UK oil refinery access

We are a preferred customer of one of the UK’s biggest oil refiners. This means that we can quote for and arrange bunkers in many ports that other traders cannot reach – including Humber Barge and Whitegate in the Republic of Ireland.

Our UK Locations


Our terminal in Blyth has a capacity of 15 million litres. Fuel is available ex-pipe on a dedicated berth at the Bates Terminal, and by road throughout the Northeast and Northwest.


We have dedicated fuel storage at the Peterson supply base in Pocra Quay on the north side of Aberdeen harbour, and at the Torry Marine Base on the south side. Fuel is available ex-pipe or by road, and ex-rack collection is available.

Great Yarmouth

Our storage tanks are at the Peterson supply base in Great Yarmouth, with ex-pipe delivery available on Berth 7A. We also deliver by road across the Southeast, and offer ex-rack collection.


We have a fuel storage facility in Peterhead, in partnership with Norsea. Fuel is supplied ex-pipe to vessels at the new all-weather-berthing Smith Quay, and we also have a truck-loading facility.


Working closely with our supply partner, Highland Fuels, we offer ex-pipe delivery of marine gas oil at the Scottish port of Montrose, just north of Dundee and south of Aberdeen.


We have dedicated fuel storage at the Peterson supply base in Heysham, for delivery ex-pipe. We also deliver by road tanker to other ports along the Northeastern coastline.


We store our own supply of fuel at Lerwick, the principle commercial port for the Shetland Islands, situated over 100 miles north of the Scottish mainland. Fuel is available ex-pipe and by road.


We have around 400 MT of marine gas oil in tank, and delivery to vessels is ex-pipe. The site is managed by our supply partner in Scalloway, Petersons.


We’ve recently completed a review of our #quality management systems, ensuring #iso9001 compliance until 2021 https://t.co/6gkjeqwVxD


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If you have an enquiry about the supply of marine gas oil in the UK, Europe or worldwide, please contact us and we will respond as soon as we can.


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